• 10

    I Prize in the design competition for a Monument to the Cursed Soldiers

    We are glad to announce that we won the competition for the Monument to the Cursed Soldiers in Wrocław, Poland! Our artistic glass composition will enrich the Wroclaw public...

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  • 09

    mirrOrnament at Gdynia Design Days

    We are proud to announce that our mirrors designed by arch. Konrad Urbanowicz have been noticed as part of the “Młodzi na Start” <Emerging Designers> competition organized by ELLE...

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  • 29

    Collective Exhibition “Robinson’s Ship” in Museum of Architecture

    The collective exhibition entitled “Robinson’s Ship” organized by the City Gallery in Wrocław opens on 10th of May 2019. Among those excellent artworks there will also be a chance...

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  • 26

    Corsydians “3000-year warranty” in Galeria Wnętrza

    The exhibition Corsydians “3000-year warranty” by the artistic duo of prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz and Tomasz Urbanowicz at Galeria Wnętrza. Visit the gallery and take a look at the works...

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  • 09

    Summary 2018/2019

    Here is a short summary of a successful 2018: The main event for us was the completion of the glass compositions for the Integrative Medical Center – IMC in...

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  • 27


    The collective exhibition “PARA.CERAMICS.PRINTS” (13/12/2018-10/03/2019) in Oblastní galerie Liberec by artists from The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław. The cooperative works by prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz and...

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  • 23

    Photo report from the Night of Museums 2018 at the Archiglass Gallery “Szopa Jazowa”

    Thank you all for visiting us in the Archiglass Gallery “Szopa Jazowa” during the Night of Museums 2018 in Wrocław. Meanwhile, we are back to work on our current...

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  • 12

    The Night of Museums at Archiglass Gallery “Szopa Jazowa”

    The Night of Museums in a week! The glassworks archiGLASSTOSTERON 0102 and 0202 have just returned from the exhibition Glasstosteron and will be available for display (and for sale;) during...

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