‘Baroque Glass’ at the main building of Wrocław University

Wroclaw, Poland

The main building of Wrocław University belongs to the registry of Monuments of Architecture and Building and on September 8th, 1994 the president of the Republic of Poland gave it the title of Monument of History. The building is in the category A of conservatory protection.

We enter the monumental building, located at University Square 1 (Plac Uniwersytecki 1), through an ornate entrance with an overhanging balcony and massive ironwork doors. We find ourselves in a baroque hall with a jovial staircase leading to the Aula Leopoldina and the higher placed Mathematical Tower. Every tourist visiting Wrocław must come here and because of this, it became necessary to build cash desks and info points.

Architect Anna Morasiewicz of the Original Architectural Design Studio Linea took on the difficult challenge of introducing functionality into a Baroque building with the help and cooperation of Tomasz Urbanowicz. The cash desk and information point were fitted into two bay windows. Tomasz Urbanowicz, inspired by the Baroque era, designed and molded in 2011 absolutely modern looking glass, that he named “Baroque Glass”. Thanks to the introduction of this modern designer “gesture” the entrance hall of this monument fulfills its new purpose.