“Pod Starym Głogiem” Restaurant in Glogow

Glogow, Poland

In the medieval town hall in Głogów, a restaurant already existed at the turn of Gothic and Renaissance eras. At this time it was rebuilt and three rooms were vaulted, one with a rib vault, one with a diamond vault and one with a barrel vault. The building was rebuilt in the XIX century by the design of A.Soller, one of the best students of K.F.Shcinkel. The period of WW II had a devastating effect on the City Hall not sparing the vaults. Architect Andrzej Kamiński of PKZ-A-R-S took part in the post-war reconstruction.

In 2009 private investors decided to bring back the restaurant called, “Pod Starym Głogiem”. The design was created by architect Anna Morasiewicz of the Original Design Studio „Linea”, who at the conceptual stage invited Tomasz Urbanowicz into cooperation to find a leading theme for the interior.

Tomasz Urbanowicz proposed introducing modern original glass artwork into the historic interior by including a round glass disk in every room that would reference the vaults in character. The paneling was adjusted to the shape of the glass.

The glass was completed in 2010. Glass partitions with doors between certain rooms were also created.