Lower Silesia, Poland

The site-specific glass art composition “Panorama” presents the author’s interpretation of the cityscape, visible in the distance from the private residence designed by prof. Barbara Gronostaj in Lower Silesia.

Four objects were created as unique artistic glass casts in a hand-made form, referring to the flashes of lights seen through squinted eyes or camera lens. The perfect reproduction of colors, consistent with the overall design of the residence’s interior, enabled the use of low-iron glass and metal oxides, fired in the second thermal process at a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius. Continuation of colors on subsequent glass objects was possible thanks to the simultaneous application of metal oxides after the colorless firing of the entire composition at a temperature of 850 degrees Celsius.

Functionally, the installation separates the entrance zone of the building from the day zone. Concentration of the image at eye level allows the limitation of the view from the outside and separates the hall area from the living room space. The blurring of colors and the maximum use of translucency and high light transmittance in the lower and upper parts of the art objects allowed for a visual continuation of the space at the floor and ceiling levels, introducing more light into the interior and optically enlarging the character of both zones.

In order to obtain an interesting surface on both sides of the work, the glass was cast in a relatively short time, leaving the upper layer still wavy. At the site, this is the living room side, which also generates reflection & refraction, especially when observed parallel along the corridor, stairs or from the living room. The colors of the work refer to the overall vision of the interior design, dominated by warm hues of sand and brown shades with black, gold and silver details