The church of St. Joseph in Przedborz

Przedborz, Poland

The small town of Przedbórz near Kolbuszowa prides itself on its pearl of modern architecture. It is the church of St. Joseph designed by the prominent specialist in sacral architecture- architect Władysław Pieńkowski and completed in 1979. The church has a wonderfully refined interior that includes stained glass windows and the Stations of the Cross.

In 2010 the current rector Father Wiesław Mazur turned to Tomasz Urbanowicz for a design of glass artwork incorporating the text of Psalm 1. Christ was taken off the cross and given a glass background. Four glass pieces were created, bent like pages of a book, as the foreground of a wooden sculpture of Christ.

On these pieces, in raised glass lettering, the text of Psalm 1 was imprinted in Hebrew and in a traditional Polish translation by Jan Kochanowski. The metalwork elements fastening the pieces together were created by the famous master blacksmith Ryszard Mazur.