Research Center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology D-20

Wroclaw, Poland

The Research Center of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology D-20 is a modern structure located on Grunwald Square in Wrocław, built in 2006, designed by arch. Ewa Frankiewicz and arch. Adam Winiarski (Archidea). The entrance hall is adorned with large glass artwork designed and created by Tomasz Urbanowicz.

The green molded glass presents an original view of electricity, a personal imagination in relation to electrical currents- high, low, medium and… natural electrostatic discharge- lightning. Pieces are also placed into the furniture in the reception area and cloakroom. The green-tinted pieces include geometric fragments of a darker green that are molded in a more prominent way. In the furniture, this effect was achieved by inserting mirrors behind the glass.

This accomplishment was awarded third place in the first edition of the Competition for the Maciej Nowicki Award “Color in Architecture” in 2007 for innovative solutions in Polish architecture. The jury explained its verdict as such: “for the original introduction of color as an architectural component uniting in itself the features of an individual and artistic “gesture” that introduced color and graphic effects into an architectural structure, which thanks to the changing lighting can be viewed from both inside and outside the structure”.