Bistro de Paris in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Probably one of the most recognized chefs in Poland, Michel Moran runs the „Bistro de Paris” Restaurant, on Piłsudzkiego street in Warsaw, which specializes in French cuisine. Cultivating the wealth of the seas, oceans and the highest quality of meats, it offers exquisite and unique cuisine accentuated by the perfectly matched wines. This guarantees a delightful and most wonderful experience for your taste buds… Completing this feast for the body is the interior design.

The interior was designed by architect Magdalena Smyk of GGP Architekci. The most prestigious culinary guide, the Michelin Guide, has this to say: “behind the elegant façade you discover a restaurant with a comfortable interior, where traditional French cuisine with a touch of eclecticism is served. Highest quality service.”

In the heart of Warsaw, the interior design and unique climate invite you to Paris. This is achieved by the Parisian motifs in the glass molded by Tomasz Urbanowicz in 2008.

Tomasz Urbanowicz studied the most characteristic motifs of Parisian architecture, which led to the creation of watercolor designs, that later became designs for the violet and purple glass –dyed with gold and silver oxide- with motifs of Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, etc. in relief.