The palace in Opypy

Opypy nearby Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland

The palace near Grodzisk Mazowiecki had two shining moments in its history. The first, when it was rebuilt around the year 1900 in the XIX century park for Maria Klementyna Colonna Czosnowska. The second, when after many times experiencing misfortune it landed in the hands of the Fortalicja Czermierniki Foundation.

A major renovation in the year 2000, the spirit and imagination of a private investor and cooperating architects: Wiesław Michałek of “Studio Projektowe i Wzorcownia – Narada” and architect Dr. Katarzyn Jucha, enabled the introduction of a major amount of original Tomasz Urbanowicz glass artwork.

Thick and raw molds are self-supporting balustrades, partitions, images, huge bathroom doors (weighing 400kg) and a molded floor, on which one can walk like Jesus… 😉