Tomasz Urbanowicz among “Wrocław’s 30 Creatives of 2021”

Tomasz Urbanowicz, architect and architectural glass artist, named 1 of “Wrocław’s 30 Creatives” in 2021

The gala of the 7th edition of the “30 Creatives of Wrocław” competition organized by the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and the City of Wrocław took place on November 4, 2021. Awards were given in 4 categories: Science, Business, Culture / Art / Design and Society / City. One of the winners in the category “Culture / Art / Design” was Tomasz Urbanowicz. We are very thankful for the nomination and the award. We would also like to congratulate to the other Creatives! More information about the jury’s decision and other award winners can be found in the link below:

30 Creatives of Wrocław

Glass art works in the public space of Wrocław and other cities

Glass sculptures and architectural glass art compositions can be admired in many public places around the world. However, the most numerous of Urbanowicz works are represented in Wrocław, and discovering these works in the city is facilitated by an interactive map of Urbanowicz’s glass trail. We encourage you to explore virtually and on-site:

Interactive map of glass art compositions in Wrocław

Dyplom 30 kreatywnych Wrocławia dla Tomasza Urbanowicza
Dyplom 30 kreatywnych Wrocławia dla Tomasza Urbanowicza