“Mustang” in Wielka Lipa

Wielka Lipa, Poland

The „Arkadia” Equestrian Center in Wielka Lipa is a true paradise for those with a love of horses. The adjacent “Barbara” Villa offers more than just lodging. This wonderful center was built by equestrian enthusiasts, thanks to which Wielka Lipa is known for more than just the May 1st banner “PZPR- Wielka Lipa”.

The interior design is the work of architect Anna Dymek-Niżankowska from Wrocław. Tomasz Urbanowicz, invited to collaborate in 2006, designed and created a large glass piece for the villa hall entitled “Mustang”.

The glass depicts a drawing in relief of a speeding mustang inspired by the car logo; the color references the Lascaux caves, and the texture of the glass is reminiscent of worn saddle leather.