Easter Island Heads in “Kontakt” Pub in Wrocław

Wrocław, Poland

The no longer existing “Kontakt” Pub on Solny square in Wrocław was a project completed in 1998 that embraced as an artistic motif a collection of glass artwork by Tomasz Urbanowicz that referenced coming into contact with aliens. Surprisingly young investors asked an artist of the older generation, Tomasz Urbanowicz to create an “alien”, a “stranger” out of glass. The young investors were talking about some new movie and games… some aliens, whatever that means… Tomasz Urbanowicz, on the other hand, thought more about strange cultures and secrets of the past. He referred to ancient Mayan and Aztec culture and that of Easter Island.

The glass pieces, thanks to the powdered stone that was molded into the glass at 850°C, looked like stone sculptures until they were lit up from behind, and surprisingly revealed that they were actually glass, giving the interior an incredible atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the pub no longer exists, however, the motto “Let’s stay in KONTAKT” is still viable.