Katamaran House, private residence in Chyby

Chyby, Poland

The “Katamaran” House, designed by architect Kuba Woźniczka with his team Kameleonlab, is a 1200 m2 residence with a pool (on level -1) located on a large lot near Poznań. The building was divided into two cubic blocks connected with glass links which resulted in a patio. The interior design was created by interior architect Barbara Węgrzyn and architect Przemysław Stawski of Czajkowsky Studio.

Once the construction of the house was completed in 2010, glass pieces designed and created by Tomasz Urbanowicz were brought in, which were the deciding factor in the character of the interior. These include the piece entitled “The Sails of Katamaran” in the swimming pool, illuminated with optical fiber from the Lupus company. An important element of the composition is the reflection in the water. The glass is reflected like sails in a calm harbor. A green piece of art on the patio, with extra lighting at nighttime, can be seen from almost every corner of the house. The entrance is enriched by probably the first ever original aluminum-glass molded sculpture.

Katamaran House featured in the prestigious CODAworx Magazine