Glass Waves, private residence in Gdynia

Gdynia, Poland

BEAUTIFUL HOME BY THE SEA designed by the architects Zbigniew Reszka and Michał Baryżewski with their team delights with its location and architecture.
The private investor impressed with his perfectionism in realizing his dreams.
Tomasz Urbanowicz’s designs for the swimming pool tucked away in the sloping hill, included a mirror in the composition, so as to negate the cave-like feel. During the day the mirror reflects the scene of a sunlit sky, horizon, seas, clouds, birds, and sails… but above all, the monotony of the gray walls, lined with cement board is overcome by the blue glass waves. Mounted on the mirror they become more visible, when up close and in motion, best of all in the pool. In the evening, on the other hand, when the seaside view disappears, the glass is illuminated creating an incredible effect and sensual climate. An important element to these effects is the reflection in the pool, skylight, and windows of the elevation.

A second, smaller piece incorporating glass waves can be found in the bedroom.
The pieces were presented in the magazine “Dom i Wnętrze” (Home and Interior).