Silver Meteorites by the swimming pool of a private residence in Srebrna Gora

Srebrna Gora, Poland

Srebrna Góra (Silver Mountain) is a fort. The residence of a private client in Srebrna Góra is also a stone fort built in 2010 with a beautiful view, devoid of any signs of civilization. At night one can only see stars. All this was the inspiration for the piece on the wall by the swimming pool. The composition designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz using glass and local stone is entitled “Silver Meteorites”.

Tomasz Urbanowicz designed and molded the convex pieces of glass; they are placed up against mirrors, thanks to which they become spacious, full of light and alive. The mirror is fitted with hundreds of optic fibers that at night illuminate the glass with a pulsing light. All this is reflected in the waters of the pool and windows of the elevation awakening our imagination. At night it’s a true cosmos- Silver Meteorites.

The optic fibers created by the Lupus company and the stonework was done by a local master- Mr. Waldemar Ostrowski.