“Japanese Kimonos”, Private swimming pool in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Art at a private swimming pool in Warsaw serves a variety of functions, from the obvious – decorative ones, to completely practical ones – acting as unique objects separating spaces for different purposes. The swimming pool lounge with a counter-current basin and a jacuzzi is separated from the bathing area by a series “Japanese Kimonos”, creating a central fused glass composition consistent with the interior. The scale of the interior is enhanced by our large-format bent mirrors that reflect images and interior finishing elements, blurring the boundaries between real partitions, building a magical illusion and taking residents to the world of relaxation.

Glass art & mirrors desing and execution: arch. Tomasz Urbanowicz, dr arch. Konrad Urbanowicz, ARCHIGLASS;

Interior design: prof. Katarzyna Koczyńska-Kielan;

Painting and glass mosaic: prof. Piotr Kielan.