‘Blue Sun Setting in the Ocean’ on the transatlantic cruise liner Queen Mary II


The Queen Mary II, flagship of the Cunard Line, is the biggest, most expensive, and exclusive transatlantic cruise liner in the world, as well as a floating art gallery. World-renowned artists, meticulously selected by the company Onderneming & Kunst of Amsterdam that specializes in providing art for the most prestigious clients in the world, were invited to create works of art especially for the QM II. The vessel was designed by Stephen Payne Marine Architect. The design for the interior was created in Sweden in the renowned workshop of Tillberg Design. Only two Polish artists had the honor of creating pieces for the QM II: Stanisław Wysocki- two bronze sculptures and Tomasz Urbanowicz- glass artwork.

Tomasz Urbanowicz, having been invited to contribute a glass piece, in 2003 designed and created the composition entitled “Blue Sun Setting in the Ocean” located on the 11. half deck (Pavilion). It is a mighty molded glass piece in the shape of an ellipse, with the dimensions 90 x 270 cm bent into an arch with a radius of 160 cm.

In January of 2004 in Southampton, the Queen Mary II’s christening was held- the ship being named by Queen Elizabeth II. Since then the vessel, a great work of art, has been happily sailing the seas.

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