The Church of the Savior of the Evangelical-Augsburg parish in Dzialdowo

Dzialdowo, Poland

The Church of the Savior of the Evangelical-Augsburg parish in Działdowo is a relatively new building that combines elements of Masuria and modern architecture.

The object was executed by architects Robert Futerhendler and Grażyna Futerhendler of “Consulting- Project Consulting-Design Studio”. Already during the designing phase, they worked with Tomasz Urbanowicz, which is the reason for the empty spaces in the shape of a cross and two side windows, intended for glass artwork. The central area of the floor was tiled with glistening tiles. This solution enables the use of natural light and enhances the effect of the glass artwork mounted in 2008, designed and created by Tomasz Urbanowicz.

The glass interior was kept in a tricolor tone: violet- symbolizing suffering, passion, and agony which are the result of original sin; white- symbolizing purity, the innocence of Christ who sacrificed His life as the Lamb of God; and green- symbolizing hope, future, and eternal life for believers in Christ. The only exception to this color scheme is a red streak in place of the wound of Christ. Thanks to the white innocence of Christ it is possible to cross over from the purple suffering to the green hope of eternal life.

The artistic intention of the dominant CROSS OF THE SAVIOR which is 6 meters tall was the depiction of Jesus’ victory over death. Thanks to a special effect of the eyes and face created in relief, it seems as if the Savior is looking upon the faithful gathered in every part of the church.

On both sides of the cross Tomasz Urbanowicz designed and placed pieces that are reminiscent of the Decalogue with visible letters Alfa and Omega. These refer to the words of Christ “I am the Alfa and Omega, beginning and the end”,
The altar was also created out of tricolor glass, held up by legs in the shape of the letter Omega. It symbolizes the torn veil in the temple the moment of Christ’s death. The words “I am the way, the truth, and the life” were imprinted into the glass. The altar also supports a glass stand for the Bible. The pulpit has a molded emblem, the so-called Luther Rose.

There is one more glass piece in the church, depicting the first symbol of Christianity, a fish, located in the balustrade of the balcony.

The ceremony to bless the church was held June 7th, 2008.