Tombstones, plaques and monuments

Poland and the world…
1985 – …

Glass tombstones are a very intimate creation which for obvious reasons it is not subject to “boasting”. Tomasz Urbanowicz designed or collaborated in the creation of headstones for two victims of the catastrophe in Smoleńsk, and, among others, those of personal loved ones.

Tomasz Urbanowicz creates multiple glass commemoration plaques, among others for the annual competition “Beautiful Wrocław” that are hung on the buildings awarded for being the most beautiful in the city.

Among his many achievements he also successfully created in 1996 an idea for unwanted Communist monuments, meaning designing and completing the reconstruction of a monument to the Soviet Army by covering it with glass and creating a commercial obelisk for PZU S.A. Before this, the monument had been built by the Germans in honor of Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Goetzen who fought bravely in 1807 with Napoleon’s armies.

In a poll done by the newspaper ‘Gazeta Wyborcza” for the ugliest statue in Lower Silesia, a stone with a glass plaque with the words “TO THE FLOODED ARTISTS” located vis a vis the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław won. The plaque is a reference to the loss experienced by artists in the 1997 Central European flood.