“The Spirit of Health” in the Integrative Medical Center in Zerniki Wroclawskie

Zerniki Wroclawskie, Poland

Artistic glass compositions titled “The Spirit of Health” for the Integrative Medical Center in Żerniki Wrocławskie were designed and fabricated comprehensively, in accordance with the holistic approach of the IMC Clinic. The project creates a coherent character of interiors, with a unique atmosphere built by such visual elements as: suspended spatial sculpture in the main hall of the Clinic, glass wall compositions with dedicated lighting in each room of the hotel, artistic marking of rooms from the corridor side, visual identification of the main blocks of the Clinic (Wellness, Restaurant, Hotel) and a climax in the form of a sculpture in the relaxation zone.

NOVBUD, headed by arch. Urszula Wiśniowska, is responsible for the architectural design and construction of the Integrative  Medical Center facilities.

The opening ceremony took place on 18th of April 2018.