Glass Eagles in the Supreme Court of Poland in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

The building of the Supreme Court in Warsaw located at Krasiński Square was designed by the firm Budzyński Kowalewski architekci Sp. z o.o (currently

The design of this monumental building was meant to “illustrate the role of law in the life of man”. From this came the idea for the “Columns of Law” with quotes from Roman law, as well as the transparency of the institutions found here expressed through large amounts of glass. The elevation is covered with green reflective glass that perfectly harmonizes the color of the columns. Inside there is a hall with a staircase, glass bridges and nearly everything is glass. In line with the entrance, in the main hall, is located the most exceptional representation of the national coat of arms: a glass “Eagle of the Rule of Law”. Based on the original drawn design of Dr. Budzyński, the eagle was created in glass by Tomasz Urbanowicz in his original technique.

Tomasz Urbanowicz also created greenish casts of the Polish coat of arms (compatible with the design found in the Journal of Laws) for all the courtrooms of the Supreme Court using his original technique based on original designs by Dr. Budzyński. The opening ceremony of the Court was held November 11, 1999.

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