Sculpture | e-Motion

Size: 20x25x60 [cm]

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The artwork “e-Motion” is a part of the e-Motions series, by Konrad Urbanowicz, which deals with the topic of motion, captured in twisted, vigorously rotated and undercut moving forms. Captured and held for just a second freeze-frame dynamic forms picture beauty, dance, craziness, energy, curiosity, flirtatiousness… – reveal emotions behind the scenes.  The object is manually sculpted at high temperature in just a few minutes, within a few key moves. The final visual effect is obtained in an expressive creative process.

Work submitted for the competition:

  • Milano Vetro -35, Museum of Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy, 2019/2020


Currently at:

  • 1. artwork: Private collection – India
  • 2. artwork: Archiglass Gallery “Szopa Jazowa”, Wrocław