Corsydians | Decompression | New Moon | prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz | Tomasz Urbanowicz | 2019

Size: 77x163x3 [cm]

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Spacial composition “Decompression – New Moon” consists of 3 separate sculptures, that are a part of a Corsydian series, unique large scale print art forms transformed into the language of thick glass art covered permanently with volcanic oxydians from Vesuvius made by Prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz and Tomasz Urbanowicz.

Two artists: Tomasz Urbanowicz & Przemysław Tyszkiewicz, two icons of totally different specialities: glass art & print art. They have both achieved great international successes creating for many years in these two different fields of art. They have become unmatched pioneers, each in their specific field. They know everything about glass & graphics.

The monumentality and nobility of large sheets of transparent glass perfectly complemented by a subtle drawing creates exceptional quality of the artworks.
Graphics that previously only functioned on flat paper now appear in the space of expressively textured glass, creating new imaging spaces.

Glass artwork exhibited at:

  • “PARA.CERAMICS.PRINTS”, collective exhibition of artists from The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław, Oblastní galerie Liberec, Czech Republic, 2018-2019
  • The Night of Museums, Archiglass Gallery “Szopa Jazowa”, Wrocław 2019
  • “Robinson’s Ship”, collective exhibition, The City Gallery in Wrocław, Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, 2019