Competition project for an Artwork for NATO Headquarters

Brussels, Belgium

How to visually represent the Polish way to regaining independence, the hope of the nation and finally the freedom? Independence and freedom are values ​​that are not given to us once and for all. These are values ​​that one needs to constantly care for, that one must watch out for, that one must care for.

Quoting Pope John Paul II:
• „Freedom requires vigilance and courage”;
• „There is no freedom without Solidarity”;

Referring to this allegory and interpretation of the egg, as a symbol of the beginning, but also delicacy, the project we proposed had the form of a glass egg with a height of 2.10m, placed on a red base and set on the lawn in front of the building of the new NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

Design: arch. Tomasz Urbanowicz & arch. Konrad Urbanowicz.