“The Big Bang” on the University of Bialystok Campus

Bialystok, Poland

The architectural design of the University of Białystok campus from the office of Professor Dr. of Architecture Mark Budzyński is based on the philosophical concept which speaks of the necessity of a synthesis of sciences in the pursuit of the truth of life and the universe.

In the central place of the Square of Science Synthesis, emphasized by its divisions and crossed axes, one can find a grand glass orb, based on the original design of Dr. Budzyński, symbolizing the “Big Bang”.

This original sculpture, created by Tomasz Urbanowicz, is considered by Dr. Budzyński to be “a correct artistic interpretation of his sketches, on which the piece was based”.

The glass orb, measuring 3 meters in height, symbolizes the beginning of the Universe, the blue orb inside- the “god particle”, and the structure of multiple stainless steel rods created by Hostal symbolizes the chaos of the Big Bang. The small spheres placed on the rods represent the cosmos, galaxies, planets, and bosons.

Completing the established effect is the perfect detail, the reflection in water and illumination at night.

Official opening in 2015

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