Installation “Spring Water” in the City Park of Miechów

Miechów, Poland

A monumental installation made of glass art and steel complements the revitalization of the City Park in Miechów, designed by AARZ – Atelier Architektury Radosław Żubrycki. The central composition, reaching over 8 meters in height, refers to the spring water, completing the multimedia fountain surrounding the square. Individually slumped glass reflects the nature of the water structure, introducing a permanent element in the park’s space that builds the identification of the place.

The revitalization of the City Park was based on consultations with residents, surveys and planning workshops. The 7ha park has gained a sports and recreational infrastructure adapted to the various needs of children, young people, adults and the elderly.
The central composition completes the newly designed communication system of the park. A series of contemporary vertical objects dominates the entire park complex. An abstract reference to gushing water, rain and a spring emphasizes the closeness of nature that surrounds visitors of this sports and recreation space.

The process of finding the right glass structure began with the production of a scale model that showed the initial nature and structure of the artwork.
The manual method of developing all molds for slumping artistic glass allowed to obtain a unique bas-relief in the structure of the glass. The sheets cast at 850 degrees Celsius have been tempered, increasing their mechanical resistance and safety of the structure. The assembly was carried out using a point system to the steel inner-construction, allowing the release of the edges of the artistic glass panes, maintaining the continuation of the relief drawing on the adjacent elements.

The installation consists of two art glass towers (8 and 6 meters high) and seven steel towers. The total weight of the 28 individually formed, tempered glasses surpasses 1.5 tons.

Glass art design: arch. Tomasz Urbanowicz, arch. Konrad Urbanowicz, ARCHIGLASS;

Architectural design: arch. Joanna Niećko, arch. Radosław Żubrycki, AARZ Atelier Architektury Radosław Żubrycki;

General execution: Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Ogólnego KARTELA S.A.;

Glass art execution: ARCHIGLASS;