Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland

The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław on Bernardyńska street nr. 5 is a special place not only for architects. The museum’s collection illustrates the progress of architecture without the restriction of time and territory. It documents the lives and activities of architects and many exhibitions, concerts, events, and lectures are held here. The museum is a member and founder of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums (ICAM). The museum is housed in a late Gothic church and monastery built in the second half of the XV century. It was created in 1965 within the old monastery halls and is constantly changing with the times, successfully combining the old with the new.

In 2001 the entrance hall was modernized, due to which a glass wall was inserted to divide the hall from the exhibition room. Tomasz Urbanowicz designed and created the lower glass for this partition. The idea was that the glass in the lower part would be opaque, but the upper part would be transparent to show the interior of the room. A specially developed, original, extremely technologically complicated technique made this possible. In this one piece of glass the bottom is in relief, molten at a temperature of 850°C, while the upper part remains “untouched” by the heat. Glass door handles with the logo M.A. designed in 1966 by graphic artist Tadeusz Ciałowicz were also molded and installed.