“Kudowater” Composition in Kudowa Zdrój

Kudowa Zdrój, Poland

„KudoWater is a piece in the „Zameczek” Sanatorium in Kudowa Zdrój.

Kudowa Zdrój known for its annual Moniuszko Festival is also famous for its health facility with a long tradition of treatment, which amazes every visitor with its “Zameczek” sanatorium, located in the very heart of the Park Zdrojowy.

The sanatorium’s history reaches the XVIII century. The current owner, Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie S.A. – Grupa PGU, expanded the historic building with an addition. The result is a successful combination of tradition with modernity.

Completed in 2008 the modernization and expansion were crowned by a glass piece of artwork by Tomasz Urbanowicz which was placed in the newly built hall. According to the author, it’s a very simple yet intriguing with the depth of detail, blue, geometric three floors high composition… like a nearby waterfall in the Stołowe Mountains.