Concepts – a collection of chosen pieces

Poland and the world
1985 – …

If a project isn’t completed is that a failure? Maybe yes?… It’s always a shame… however, it can be a small success. I personally believe that such situations enrich artists.

The process of creating a concept, thanks to the creativity used to come up with the design, is a beautiful personal experience. It remains forever, enriches, has value. It’s an experience.

With each such “IN-COMPLETION” there is a personal story, meetings with people, emotions, compromise, experiences of space, colors, places, time, budget.

Often glass samples arise out of a fascination with creation and a search for new solutions.

What does it matter that the watercolors stay in great drawers because there is no longer space on the walls or money for passé partout and frames?

Please take a look at the collection of specifically chosen projects that haven’t and won’t be completed- that’s certain.