Festival dell’ Arte in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens in Jelenia Góra Valley

Palace in Wojanów, Palace in Pakoszów, Dębowy Palace in Karpniki, Poland
2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016

Festival dell’ Arte is a special event. It has been held annually since 2012 in Poland in a region called the Valley of Palaces and Gardens of Jelenia Góra Valley.

The leading idea of the festival is combining many genres of art and showcasing them in historic locations of this unique region. Already in the Romantic era, this region gained renown and fame among travelers and artists. Currently, the restored palaces, mansions, and beautiful parks have gained new life.

Musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, and writers all take part in the festival. By invitation from Mr. Piotr Napierała, the Chairman of the Board of the Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów Kotliny Jeleniogórskiej Foundation, Tomasz Urbanowicz has taken part in this special event many times exhibiting glass artwork in the Palace in Wojanów, the Palace in Pakoszów and the Dębowy Palace in Karpniki in exchange, as in the olden days, for hospitality and a spiritual feast.


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