Center European Cooperation “Odra” in Olawa

Olawa, Poland

In 2014 the building of the Center of European Cooperation ODRA, a local government institute of culture for the city of Oława, was modernized by the architectural studio of architect Bożena Marszałkiewicz. The institute is responsible for organizing musical, theatrical and film-related activity in order to meet the needs and desires of residents to develop culturally, as well as spread and promote local culture throughout the nation and the European Union.

The composition of glass artwork designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz, who was invited into cooperation by the head architect, can be found in the hall clearly referencing the flag of the European Union and the purpose of the building. The amount of hanging blue glass is equal to the number of countries in the EU. The number of stars is also a match. The complicated construction of stainless steel, based on a design by the artist, was created by the firm Hostal.